Corporate Wellness

Healthcare is a growing cost to many companies. Common sense and science, alike, remind us that healthy employees can equate to healthy work. The more we take care of and serve the people in our various industries, the more they are able to pour out; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Are you an employer or employee that believes in abundance? Are you seeking an opportunity to share holistic health and wellness on a larger scale? Are you seeking a more abundant workforce morale or a more abundant sense of productivity, while also reducing healthcare costs and employee dissatisfaction? I want to help you and your employees discover greater abundance! I want to landscape the health of your work environment, but landscaping the health of your individual community members!

Interested in a Wellness Program for your company?

Goals & Objectives:

To help employees change/avoid modifiable health risks, while finding increased wellness and vitality mentally, physically and spiritually. 

*Modifiable health risks: Smoking/drinking, Poor diet, Physical inactivity, High stress levels

General Outline:

2 hour introduction & health assessments (I come to you!)

12-week challenge  – employees will receive weekly challenges (every Monday) to transform habits overtime. 

2 mid-way meeting & demonstrations (working out & green smoothie demonstrations & I always come with treats and prizes, including fresh eggs, aloe plants, homemade granola, etc)

2 hour final meeting after 4 months to do final assessments & presentation. 

Before & After tests: (If interested) Such as Blood Pressure, Body Composition, Weight, Health Risk Appraisal)



  • Employees will gain access to health classes (cooking classes & health seminars)
  • I will be available via email to answer questions along the way, and for 6 months following the initial program.
  • Private Facebook group for encouragement and support.
  • Various resources/video tutorials included in emails and blog posts.
  • General Workout Program included in 12-week challenge. 

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