My goal in this adventure is to help the community around me to have a more abundant landscape and lifestyle!

I can often get in the bad habit of using too many words, so I will keep this short and sweet…

I want to landscape lives! 🙂

Right now, I am still very much in the beginning stages of figuring out the balance between complimentary services and charged programs…SO, I have created a Patreon page for those who have been encouraged by my blog, YouTube Channel, Podcast, or other social media outlets, and want to support this endeavor!

You can check out my page HERE! And thank you for your support, whether it be financial or not!

261 FILM

Want to support my endeavors!?

Payment Options
Option 1 : $5.00 USD – monthly
Option 2 : $10.00 USD – monthly
Option 3 : $20.00 USD – monthly