When I started training with my trainer, Drea, I was coming back from two concussions and struggled to drink water. I was not in shape and I definitely wasn?t ready to take on a full hardcore workout. I was honestly scared to start training again because it had been four months since my last concussion and activity. Once I started training I became less scared and more excited to go every week. Training with Drea has gotten me to drink more water and start  running a little and doing activity. I’m very happy that I made the choice to start training with her and look forward to the next meeting!

Katrina (2017)

Andrea (Drea) is the very best in personal training, nutrition, spirituality, and applies them into her passion for “sustainability” – maximizing your overall health.  I was able to lose 15 lbs. in 2 months. She really went the extra mile, sending me workouts to do at home as a follow up, and tons of pertinent information!

What I love about Drea is how she gets right to the crux of it! She is truly making me a better person and changing my life, one session at a time. Beyond her expertise in fitness, our sessions feel like I’m talking to a really wise superstar great friend who gives practical readily applicable advice and gets me RESULTS! Talking to her feels so safe, I tell her about my life and issues and don’t feel the need to be defensive as she does not judge. On the contrary, she constantly sees me as I see myself and sees the good in me. I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

I believe that there is no such thing as a no way out situation.  I will continue to work with Drea, define my goals, and learn how to stop seeing the clouds and see the silver lining instead.”  She genuinely focuses on critically listening and connecting to what I say. She reflects back with blunt honesty and equal amounts of sensitivity. With simple and practical methods, she guides me with her tutelage in answering my own questions or forming new ones, to gain a new perspective.

I never thought I would be where I am at today! I truly believe God sent me a kindred spirit called Andrea Endries! Her gentle voice and knowledge still blows me away!  Drea is truly beyond amazing as a mentor and just a blessing to anyone she works with!  Just having her support has made such a positive impact on my life. I highly recommend working with her.  She has given me a great gift to pass on to others.

Rick (2017)


I first met Drea about a year ago at the YMCA, and she left a lasting impression on me. She posses a level of vitality that is not often seen. I wondered how she achieved that level… now I am beginning to understand.
I enjoy reading her daily challenges and wonder what will come tomorrow.
She has given me incentive to improve.
Cheryl (2017)
I had just finished physical therapy, had gone as far as I could in there program. I New I needed more if I was to continue to improve and sought out a trainer at the y.
I got connected with Drea and the personalized program she set up for my wife and I was great. I have now advanced from continuous chronic back problems, to now being able to do full yoga and mat Pilates. I highly recommend her, she has in-depth knowledge and posses the ability to customize a work out program suited for the individual client.
– Bruce (2017)
When you feel good, you look good! It’s amazing what impact these health principles have made on my health. Both physical and spiritual. And I don’t want to boast or brag but this challenge [21-Day Challenge] got me back to my high school weight! Im 20lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight! #125! Thanks to the Princess! 😉
– Jessica (2017)