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PPP 26: Surmounting Physical & Mental Barriers through Natural Movement & Play w/ Axiom Parkour’s Travis Tetting

Today, I am introducing you to a great friend who studies and teaches parkour! Travis Tetting is a local to the southeast Wisconsin area, and I was lucky enough to meet him at our local YMCA. Today we are jumping/leaping/vaulting/(all the puns) into a discussion of parkour and all things movement! Now, you may be wondering what parkour and permaculture have to do with one another, but as I have explored the “parkour” world and the concepts of natural movement and intentional play, I have learned that the philosophies that guide the parkour and permaculture world, are actually quite similar or at the very least, complimentary! Stick around to meet this awesome human, who as a husband, homeschooling father of 3 boys, and “on the move” business owner, is taking precious time to chat with us!!