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My Public Response to my Kid “Ruining” Santa Claus for Yours

*Sigh* It's that time of year again, and I KNOW I have many family members, who love me dearly, and yet cringe when I wipe off the soap box to discuss pagan holiday roots and our beliefs (or lack thereof) surrounding Christmas. Better Together Photography For the most part, I really do try to embrace… Continue reading My Public Response to my Kid “Ruining” Santa Claus for Yours

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PPP 39: Myofunctional Therapy, Nasal Breathing & How to Recognize Oral Issues w/ Nicole Heiser of The Spot Myo Tx

This is episode #39. Nicole Heiser a fellow fitness enthusiast, a mother, and she is also a Myofunctional Therapist. Myofunctional Therapy is designed to help patients that suffer from sleep disordered breathing (snoring, OSA, UARS), speech problems, tongue thrusting, tongue tie, mouth breathing, jaw pain, oral habits, and orthodontic relapse, just to name a few. Today, is an opportunity to learn a bit about our oral health, and how our daily breathing practices can affect our overall lifestyles. So, stick around to meet my friend, Nicole and dive deep into breath work, oral health, and some tips to encourage great sleep!

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PPP 38: Hemp from Plant to Product, Familial Collaboration & The Importance of Quality CBD w/ Ryan Heath & Vanessa Teff of Moonflower Botanicals

Today, I am excited to tap into the hemp and CBD world, with a beautiful couple I met this past March. I have driven deep into the comparison of different products and brand names and I find that after wading through hours of company bios, research on cannabinoid systems or THC, I find that I want simplicity. Which is why I get super excited when I meet people who are part of the process from plant to product. I found this plant to product collaboration in Ryan Heath and Vanessa Teff. Ryan is the hemp grower through Shady Oak Hemp Farm and Vanessa runs Optimum Vitality Nutrition & Wellness, which specializes in nutritional therapy, cold laser, yoga & sports performance. Together, they have created a hemp based concoction called “Moonflower Botanicals”, and today is just about sharing information regarding the cbd world, from the perspective of those who are closest to it.

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PPP 37: Growing Food Instead of Lawns, Visualization, Permaculture Design & Solving Big Problems w/ Jim Gale of Food Forest Abundance

Today, I am introducing you to a new-to-me voice in the permaculture space. At VaxCon 2022, I was taken with this team of brothers who were focused on spreading permaculture design across the southeast Wisconsin area. They were working with a company called, Food Forest Abundance. This company was established in 2020 as a way to help people grow their own food and has blossomed into a global movement to help people become more self-reliant. Since their official launch on Earth Day 2021, they have expanded throughout most of the United States and into 15 other countries. I am beyond excited to chat with their “Chief Storyteller”, Jim Gale, and discover more about the mission, mindset and practicalities of this regenerative based growing model. 

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PPP 36: The Empowered Mama & Creating an Effective Medicine Cabinet/Apothecary for Home Use w/ Heather Ford of The Modern Life Mrs

Today, we are lifting up parents and home remedies with a voice you've heard a couple times before. This guest is not only a sweet friend of mine, a creative photographer, and a sensible entrepreneur, she is also a mother! Her previous conversations were amazing! So, I happily invited Heather Ford of The Modern Life Mrs & Better Together Photography back for a conversation about what I call, mama (or papa) bear home care. We talk about what sorts of natural therapies we as parents can use at home. Heather has become a mother who is well-versed in taking care of her child, soon to be “children” at home, and today is simply conversation between two natural mamas who love to catch up over microphones. 

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PPP 35: Regenerative Gardening, Permaculture Community Principles, & Springtime Prep w/ Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy

Today, I am introducing you to Stephanie Rose. Stephanie is the founder of the popular website, which includes gardening and permaculture advice, information and projects. She’s an award-winning author and a student and teacher of organic gardening and permaculture, who aims to encourage better living through plants. This conversation will get you inspired for springtime, share practical tips for garden landscapes and focus on Stephanie's most recent book, The Regenerative Garden: 80 Practical Projects for Creating a Self-sustaining Garden Ecosystem. I am so excited to introduce you to the experience and natural vibe Stephanie cultivates, so stick around while we dive into practical permaculture with Stephanie Rose. 

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PPP 34: 2021 Review, Books Read, A Day in the Life, Podcast Preview

A super quick podcast update before we jump into a new season! This was literally me with 30 free minutes, a microphone, a journal and bullet points to cover! 2021 was so busy and yet delightful. We tuned into our family time, trained a pony, gardened, enjoyed the outdoors, traveled and cultivated Christ-centered community! I… Continue reading PPP 34: 2021 Review, Books Read, A Day in the Life, Podcast Preview

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My (Evergreen) Book Recommendations

In full transparency, this blog has become a catch all for the information I am personally passionate about. I write posts about stories I want to remember (my birth experiences), I write about health protocols, anecdotal experiences, or about people I am learning from as a sort of online journaling space. While much of my… Continue reading My (Evergreen) Book Recommendations

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PPP 33: Possibilities of Permaculture for Relief Efforts, Soil Building & Whole Systems Design w/ Koreen Brennan of Grow Permaculture

Koreen Brennan of is a designer and educator who has a long resume of experiences within the regenerative growing world! Today, we discuss the way permaculture can aid disaster relief, build our soils and transform our communities.

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PPP 32: All About the Mustards: Invasive Species or Courageous Superfood!? w/ Kyle Denton of Tippecanoe Herbs

Today we are diving into the world of Mustards! This episode was inspired after hearing people around me complain about and spray herbicides on garlic mustard. Many of us have been told that garlic mustard is an "invasive species", and yet, I have learned that all plants have strengths and weaknesses! Today is about recognizing the amazing benefits of the mustard family, including and especially, garlic mustard! Kyle Denton of Tippecanoe Herbs is my guest expert on mustards! We are thrilled to partner with Kyle to bring you a little insight to these amazing superfoods!

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PPP 31: Between the Hips: A Candid Conversation about Pelvic Floor Health & Why we Shouldn’t Leak when we Laugh w/ Author and Physical Therapist Megan Rorabeck

Megan Rorabeck is the author of “Between the Hips, A practical guide for Women”. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Board-Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist who is on a mission to help women all of the world understand issues like bladder leakage, constipation, and painful, anticlimactic sex are not normal.  As people who believe in taking care of the natural world around us, and people who believe in finding abundant health in all areas of life, we should also be people who are willing to have “uncomfortable conversations” about any area of our health. Not only can having transparent conversations like this help the women who are dealing with these issues, it can also help society support mamas-to be, mamas who have been, and anyone, who maybe just needs more clarity and awareness of their pelvic floor. 

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PPP 30: Off-Grid Living, Natural Building, Land Ethics & Pivoting toward Simplicity, Adventure & Spiritual Growth w/ Amy Dailey of Wild Earth Flower Farm

This is Episode #30, and today we are hanging out with my sorta-sister, Amy Dailey! Amy and her partner are doing spectacular things in the name of sustainability, natural building and regenerative agriculture. I can't wait to share a bit of her story and the way she has moved toward a minimalist lifestyle, with a focus on stewarding their land in Oregon. In this conversation we dive into off-grid living, growing on new land, and all things nature & intentionality.

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PPP 29: Permaculture Luminary Mark Shepard on Lessons of Nature, Perennials, STUN method & Principles for Life/Land Restoration

This is Episode #29. Today, I am having a fangirl moment because I am interviewing the man who is responsible for officially putting a “permaculture” hook in my brain.  Mark Shepard is the CEO of Forest Agriculture Nursery LLC, founder of Restoration Agriculture Development LLC and award-winning author of the book, Restoration Agriculture: which happens to be the very first book I ever read about permaculture principles. Mark is famous in the permaculture world and he is right here in Wisconsin, a zone 3/4 growing environment, which makes me even MORE excited to talk to him about his work, his advice and his dreams for making our environment a more abundant landscape!I hope you are inspired by one of the great thinkers and doers within the regenerative growing world!

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PPP 28: Virome, Exosomes, Germ Theory, Terrain Theory, Covid, Cancer & Making Sense of it all w/ Brandon LaGreca of East Troy Acupuncture.

This is Episode #28. Brandon LaGreca was on episode #22 where we discussed Acupuncture, Eastern Medicine and his book about EMFs and Cancer. If you haven’t listened to that episode, I HIGHLY recommend you pause and go back, because it will give a great foundation about who Brandon is, and why we are so grateful to hear from him again! Today, we continue the conversation about cancer, but with some specificity to the things we have learned about Covid19, and our immune system, over the past year. Brandon, as an Acupuncturist in East Troy, Wisconsin has committed his work to creating “empowered patients”, or people who are educated, encouraged and challenged to take their health into their own hands and navigate the myriad options before them with intelligence and peace. Brandon is so brilliant and I am excited to introduce him, for round 2!

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PPP 27: Violets Are Blue & Powerful Too! Another Plant Feature!

This is episode number 27 . Today, I am throwing it back to where this podcast began: Plant features! When I started this podcast in 2018, I wanted a podcast that taught me about plants!!! I wanted to learn about plants I could grow, plants I could eat, and just all the things to love about various plants! So far in our plant journey, we have covered Comfrey, Chamomile, Dandelion, Burdock, Carrot & Basil, and today is another plant feature! My late grandmother’s namesake, the Wisconsin state flower, and the signature flower of Napoleon Bonaparte; Violet. So, stick around while I take a deep dive into everything you ever wanted to know about Violets.

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PPP 26: Surmounting Physical & Mental Barriers through Natural Movement & Play w/ Axiom Parkour’s Travis Tetting

Today, I am introducing you to a great friend who studies and teaches parkour! Travis Tetting is a local to the southeast Wisconsin area, and I was lucky enough to meet him at our local YMCA. Today we are jumping/leaping/vaulting/(all the puns) into a discussion of parkour and all things movement! Now, you may be wondering what parkour and permaculture have to do with one another, but as I have explored the “parkour” world and the concepts of natural movement and intentional play, I have learned that the philosophies that guide the parkour and permaculture world, are actually quite similar or at the very least, complimentary! Stick around to meet this awesome human, who as a husband, homeschooling father of 3 boys, and “on the move” business owner, is taking precious time to chat with us!!

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PPP 25: Family/Career/Health & Podcast Update w/ the Princess 2021

Welcome to the Permaculture Princess Podcast! This is Episode #25. It’s been quite a while since I last recorded, but we are about to get things back up and running! So, I figured I would start 2021 with a brief description of my last year, and where I plan to take this podcast from here!

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Chunky Quinoa Chocolate-Chip Cookies: Vegan, Gluten-Free & Refined-Sugar-Free

These cookies are wholesome, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, delicious and super fun to make!!! I should warn you, I am constantly doubling and tripling recipes to get the "desired" amount, so you'll find my recipes can feed a fairly large family. 🙂 Hope you enjoy! Chunky Cooked-Quinoa Cookie mixture! Homemade cookies, fresh from the oven! When… Continue reading Chunky Quinoa Chocolate-Chip Cookies: Vegan, Gluten-Free & Refined-Sugar-Free

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PPP 24: Vaccines, Autism, Medical Freedom & One Mother’s Experience w/ Julie Obradovic

Julie Obradovic is teacher, a writer, and an advocate. She has spent almost twenty years in education and more than ten years advocating for families and children affected by autism. I first encountered Julie when I started to do my research on vaccines. I was a new mother and I was navigating the intense vaccine schedule as suggested by my doctors. Her book "An Unfortunate Coincidence" had a great impact on my research journey. I fully recognize this to be one of the more controversial podcasts I have ever released. However, even if only for the opportunity to hear another person’s story, I implore you to listen with open ears. My goal in sharing this interview is purely to share a well-researched and difficult perspective, while also honoring the lives of Julie and her family. While vaccines can be a sobering topic, I believe it is appropriate for the times we are living in, and should be openly and freely discussed. 

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PPP 23: Herbs, Foraging & a Jingle w/ Kyle Denton of Tippecanoe Herbs

Kyle Denton is an herbalist here in the Milwaukee area, and he and his wife, Serena are owners of “Tippecanoe Herbs”. Kyle is so well versed on herbs and the way herbal medicine can be utilized to enhance our health, so I am beyond excited to sit back and let him share some knowledge with us! My immune system and overall health have benefited greatly from his herbal mixtures and concoctions, but I have also enjoyed the education he shares through fun jingles and entertaining stories! This guy is full of joy and he shares his gift with sincerity and intelligence. So, without further ado, you might as well start smiling now, because Kyle will absolutely brighten your day! 

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PPP 22: Acupuncture, EMFs, Cancer & Becoming an Empowered Patient w/ Brandon LaGreca

This is Episode #22! Today, I am interviewing a significant member of our health and wellness team, our acupuncturist, who has also become a friend. We met Brandon LaGreca at his acupuncture clinic here in Southeast Wisconsin, but his knowledge and passions go much further than needles and meridians. He is well-versed on alternative healing methods, and he also has a vested interest in electromagnetic frequencies, or EMF’s and their impact on society. In fact, he has recently authored a book titled, “Cancer and EMF Radiation: How to Protect Yourself From the Silent Carcinogen of Electropollution”.  I am so fascinated by the work that Brandon is doing, and I am excited to share his calm demeanor and well-researched knowledge base with you! He is truly dedicated to making the world a better place by improving the mind, body & soul of everyone he meets! This is filled with encouraging stories and practical education from Brandon LaGreca.

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Why I am Teaching my Kids the Tradition of Passover versus Easter

When I was younger I loved hunting for the Easter basket. It was always filled with chocolate, sweet treats and pastel colored toys. My Baka (grandma) would always make Primorski Uskrsne Bebe (or Croatian Easter Bread Dolls), and I was delighted by dying Easter eggs, and going on egg hunts. I was taught that we… Continue reading Why I am Teaching my Kids the Tradition of Passover versus Easter

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PPP 21: Edible Landscaping & Permaculture Principles w/ Alec LePoidevin of Fresh Roots WI

Alec LePoidevin, of Fresh Roots WI, is a fellow lover of health, sustainability and permaculture ethics. He is doing amazing work across southeast Wisconsin in helping people garden and learn about how they can better take care of the land around them. Here, we get super practical about what a permaculture designer does and how our Wisconsin, zone 5 region is accepting the regenerative agriculture movement. Hopefully this podcast inspires you to take action or just reminds you that there are others pouring their energy into this regenerative revolution!

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Healing Diastasis Recti: My Experience

Diastasis Recti. Every time I say this term, people look at me as if I am speaking another language or possibly oversharing about my bathroom experience. The looks of concern are quite entertaining. Mayo Clinic explains the condition like this... During pregnancy, the growing uterus stretches the muscles in the abdomen. This can cause the… Continue reading Healing Diastasis Recti: My Experience

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PPP 20: Sustainable Cooking & Lifestyle with Jessica Marcy of Sweet Love and Ginger

Jessica Marcy of Sweet Love & Ginger, is a wife, mom, and environmental engineer from Upstate, NY. She is a champion for sustainability and the local food movement as well as an avid cook. At home, she enjoys gardening, hunting, fishing, foraging, crafting and adventuring with her family. , Today, we are focusing on the practicality of cooking with garden & foraging harvests. We are also discussing gardening with a family and seeking sustainability in this generation!

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PPP 19: Autoimmunity, Pregnancy, and Mental Health w/ The Modern Life Mrs

Today, I am hanging out with the always beautiful Heather Ford, who is my FIRST returning guest! Last time she spoke with us, on episode number 3, she shared about her journey with an autoimmune disease and following her dreams. Today, we are checking in with her health, as she is an expecting mama! She shares lots of wellness advice about nutrition, essential oils, purifying your air, and even purifying your life from toxic relationships. This episode is fun and informative! 

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PPP 18: Essential Oils w/ En Tao & Maria Ko of Essential Joy

We love to talk about the benefits of plants and nature! So, there is NO WAY we could bypass the usage of plants in their “essential oil” form. Here we will dive into questions on natural living, cooking and all things essential oils, with En Tao and Maria Ko of Essential Joy!

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Gift-less Mother’s Day

Two years ago I celebrated my first official "Mother's Day". I had a baby girl just over 4 months old, and I was completely smitten with motherhood. On my very first Mother's Day, I taught a Pilates class, and then I trained two of my clients. I got a few "Happy Mother's Day" greetings from… Continue reading Gift-less Mother’s Day

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PPP 17: Basil Benefits

Today is another plant feature, and we are taking about Basil. I am obsessed with basil. I skim restaurant menus for anything that includes basil, especially Thai dishes with basil. I use basil essential oil on sore muscles and I eat it fresh or dried on almost everything! Needless to say, this episode will be one of my favorites, so stick around as we delve into the basil plant and its many benefits to nature and mankind. 

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Empowered & Humbled: My Home Birth Hospital Transfer Story

I can vividly remember looking up at the florescent, bright lights on the ceiling of the ambulance and wondering to myself, "maybe I could just hide this part of my story...nobody has to know about this..." And as I reflected on my birth story, I quickly realized that my intense desire to fein some sort… Continue reading Empowered & Humbled: My Home Birth Hospital Transfer Story