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PPP 25: Family/Career/Health & Podcast Update w/ the Princess 2021

Welcome to the Permaculture Princess Podcast! This is Episode #25. It’s been quite a while since I last recorded, but we are about to get things back up and running! So, I figured I would start 2021 with a brief description of my last year, and where I plan to take this podcast from here!

Family Update:

The Family 😉
  • Intentional/generational community still in tact.
  • Loss of 2 grandfathers.
  • Benefits of turning in and being with family.
  • Husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.
  • Trips to Tennessee, Montana and Michigan
  • Family rhythms and how our family has been keeping a luni/solar calendar.

Career update: 

  • No modeling jobs this year (apparently modeling is not on the essential job list)
  • Home gym thanks to Rogue fitness and personal training and health coaching is a part of my life again.
  • Working with in person clients in Wisconsin.
  • Still running Permaculture Princess on this website, on youtube, podcasting and on Pinterest but I am no longer active on Facebook or Instagram.
  • My experience in being off social media, the good and the bad.
  • My most important job is mother, but podcasting and blogging is a passion project of mine, so for now, it is still part of my schedule.
  • Why I am keeping the podcast up and running!

Health/Wellness Update:

  • Moving more and exercising less. Feeling more in control of my body, as my babies are growing. (No longer sharing my body through pregnancy and almost done breastfeeding!)
  • Life Book (Danny and I did this at the beginning of 2020, and they were offering full money back if you finished the course, which we did, and we LOVED it! We revisit our life book at least 1x a month)
  • Fitness/Wellness category of my lifebook
  • Personal Training/Health coach continuing education 1x a month (reading or watching documentaries for inspiration). 
  • Our family has experienced a few colds/viruses/sicknesses this year….like we do every year!

List of books/movies/podcasts that were notable in 2020: 

Documentaries & Movies


My podcast update: 

  • The purpose of this podcast has been to share actionable advice for a more abundant landscape and life.
  • In this podcast I talk about the principles that guide this show and the creation of it. 🙂

So, this podcast is a place to gather to learn and to grow…

We have some amazing interviews already set up, and my goal is that when you tune into this podcast, there is ALWAYS something that makes your day and your habits more intentional and joyful. 

I would love your feedback about some of your favorite episodes and whether you prefer my solo episodes about plant benefits or health/wellness habits or interviews with various thinkers and friends, or maybe a mixture of both?

Talk to you soon!

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