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PPP 38: Hemp from Plant to Product, Familial Collaboration & The Importance of Quality CBD w/ Ryan Heath & Vanessa Teff of Moonflower Botanicals

This is episode #38. 

Shady Oak Hemp Farm

You’re listening to the Permaculture Princess Podcast, this is episode #38. Today, I am excited to tap into the hemp and CBD world, with a beautiful couple I met this past March, at the VaxCon 2022 conference, hosted by Wisconsin United for Freedom. CBD products are everywhere, you can literally buy them at gas stations, grocery stores and that one place, on the corner, with a hemp plant in the window. I have driven deep into the comparison of different products and brand names and I find that after wading through hours of company bios, research on cannabinoid systems or THC or whatever, I find that I want simplicity. Which is why I get super excited when I meet people who are part of the process from plant to product. Growers have a special place in my heart because they are connected to the medicine in an intimate way. So, when I meet someone who cares about the growing of their hemp, the processing of the plant and the final product, I am ALWAYS wanting to hear more. I found this plant to product collaboration in Ryan Heath and Vanessa Teff. Ryan is the hemp grower through Shady Oak Hemp Farm and Vanessa runs Optimum Vitality Nutrition & Wellness, which specializes in nutritional therapy, cold laser, yoga & sports performance. Together they have created a hemp based concoction called “Moonflower Botanicals”, and today is just about sharing information regarding the cbd world from the perspective of those who are closest to it. 

Shady Oak Hemp Farm

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • A little background of Ryan Heath & Vanessa Teff and their journey toward healing and introduction to the nutritional & supplement industry. Ryan Heath went to school at University of Colorado-Boulder, and Vanessa Teff attended University of California-Los Angelos, then both brought their education back to Wisconsin.
  • How health/nutrition and being able to recover quickly can impact an athletic career.
  • The importance of visualization and creating goals in our athletic careers and any other performance areas.
  • The growing of Hemp and how important it is to be cognizant of the quality or amount of cbd in the plant. Hemp grows easily, but quality hemp is more difficult to grow.
  • It brings back lots of nitrogen and nutrition to the soil. Hemp is a natural fertilizer, and great at ground rehabilitation.
  • How Vanessa became interested in using hemp/cbd with her patients. She was seeing “emotional concussions” and using herbal remedies to help people dealing with high stress.
  • Shady Oak Hemp Farm had very quality plants with high terpenes and the anti-inflammatory properties would allow people to heal their guts. Healing our guts can help to heal our brain.
  • Moonflower botanicals was created to support sleep disturbances and help to repair gut health.
  • What to look for in CBD/Hemp products. The difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum or CBD isolate and considering different parts of the plant. Oils versus tinctures, versus creams.
  • How to get in touch with Vanessa or Ryan and find Moonflower Botanicals.

Resources We Mention:

For More on this Topic See:

VaxCon 2022 Hosted By Wisconsin United for Freedom


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