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PPP 38: Hemp from Plant to Product, Familial Collaboration & The Importance of Quality CBD w/ Ryan Heath & Vanessa Teff of Moonflower Botanicals

Today, I am excited to tap into the hemp and CBD world, with a beautiful couple I met this past March. I have driven deep into the comparison of different products and brand names and I find that after wading through hours of company bios, research on cannabinoid systems or THC, I find that I want simplicity. Which is why I get super excited when I meet people who are part of the process from plant to product. I found this plant to product collaboration in Ryan Heath and Vanessa Teff. Ryan is the hemp grower through Shady Oak Hemp Farm and Vanessa runs Optimum Vitality Nutrition & Wellness, which specializes in nutritional therapy, cold laser, yoga & sports performance. Together, they have created a hemp based concoction called “Moonflower Botanicals”, and today is just about sharing information regarding the cbd world, from the perspective of those who are closest to it.