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PPP 39: Myofunctional Therapy, Nasal Breathing & How to Recognize Oral Issues w/ Nicole Heiser of The Spot Myo Tx

You’re listening to the Permaculture Princess Podcast, this is episode #39.

I am pretty pumped about today’s guest, partly because she is a super fit and fun lady who used to do 5am crossfit with me, and anyone who wakes up before the crack of dawn to lift heavy things and strengthen mind and body, is my type of partier. 

But not only is Nicole Heiser a fellow fitness enthusiast, and a mother, she is also a Myofunctional Therapist. I hope I am not the only one who had NO IDEA what this meant!

I have come to learn that Myofunctional Therapy is designed to help patients that suffer from sleep disordered breathing (snoring, OSA, UARS), speech problems, tongue thrusting, tongue tie, mouth breathing, jaw pain, oral habits, and orthodontic relapse, just to name a few. And the reason this has become an area of interest to me is because I have been dealing with, learning how to heal and prevent cavities for my children and also because I recently read two books, The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick Mekowen and Breath by James Nestor, and these books have had a huge influence on the way I interact with breath work. 

Today is an opportunity to learn a bit about our oral health, and how our daily breathing practices can affect our overall lifestyles. SO stick around to meet my friend, Nicole and dive deep into breath work, oral health, and some tips to encourage great sleep! 

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • A little background on Nicole Heiser, and how she went from dental hygienist to myofunctional therapy through a continuing education course and a desire to influence more whole body health and wellness.
  • What is myofunctional therapy!? Myofunctional therapy includes a few names: Orofacial myofunctional therapy, orofacial myology, tongue thrust therapy. It is similar to Physical therapy but for the oral cavity/ oral dysfunctions ie incorrect tongue posture, tongue tone, tongue thrust, tongue tie, lip seal, mouth breathing, etc.
  • Our airway and how we breathe is connected to overall whole body health and the position of our tongue on the roof of our mouth is very important. Once you know, you can’t unsee the problems.
  • We talk a bit about the prevalence of oral issues and the fact that some oral issues aren’t even noticed as something that could improve.
  • A lot of issues lead back to airway, the tongue and how that affects the whole body.
  • We are having a hard time getting the interdisciplinary care in the mid west, between ortho, general dds, ENT, peditrican, bodyworkers, etc. The east and west cost along with Texas, Arizona & Florida are so ahead of us. Cavities, narrow palate, gummy smile, mouth breathing,
  • 3 things we can do to prevent or heal some of these issues: 1. Think about where your tongue is laying in your mouth. 2. nasal breathing 3. lip seal.
  • Living an abundant life to Nicole is about living life to the fullest. Not not doing something because you might fail. Not about what you have as possessions, but what opportunities you have in life to learn, be more knowledgeable, and possibly change someone’s life with your knowledge.

Resources We Mention:


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