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PPP 18: Essential Oils w/ En Tao & Maria Ko of Essential Joy


Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a power couple who has been a part of our lives since the day Danny and I got married! En Tao and Maria Ko are truly some of the most passionate, creative, and genuine people you will ever meet! En Tao and I went to college together (University of Wisconsin) and we  were a part of the same campus ministry. I got to know this beautiful couple best, when they photographed our Wisconsin wedding in 2015, and while their photographs are some of my all-time favorites, I am not talking to them about their photography business! 

Nowadays, Maria and En Tao are passionate leaders and wellness advocates for Doterra Essential Oils, and while this could easily be viewed as an infomercial, I want to assure you that today is solely about sharing education, wellness and practical health advice! This is a podcast where we love to talk about the benefits of plants and nature, so there is NO WAY we could bypass the usage and benefits of plants in their “essential oil” form. Therefore I invite you to stick around as we dive into questions on natural living, cooking and all things essential oils! 


In this episode you will learn:

  • Background of Maria & En Tao Ko
  • How they personally got started with essential oils
  • How essential oils are made and processed.
  • Why essential oils are so beneficial and usable in our daily lives.
  • Physical and Emotional benefit of essential oils
  • Practical everyday oil uses: sleep, exercise, work, anxiety, mood support, allergies, pain, hydration, detox, intimacy, focus, etc
  • Essential Oil Testimonies: Infertility, Depression, Cancer, Baby Care, Pregnancy, etc…
  • Health & Wellness tips from Maria & En Tao

Resources Mentioned/Used:

Testing your Essential Oils: Source to you

Doterra Essential Oil Website

Connect with Maria & En Tao Ko:

Essential Joy Website

Essential Joy on Facebook 

Magnified Joy Photography



This show is brought to you by ME, En Tao & Maria Ko and my super supportive family! If you would like to support this process, please consider sharing financially with my support squad.

Intro/Outro Music by Scott Holmes, “A Wee Tipple”



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