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PPP 36: The Empowered Mama & Creating an Effective Medicine Cabinet/Apothecary for Home Use w/ Heather Ford of The Modern Life Mrs

This is episode #36

Today, we are lifting up parents and home remedies with a voice you’ve heard before. This guest is not only a sweet friend of mine, a creative photographer, and a sensible entrepreneur, she is also a mother! In our past conversations, which happened in Episode #3 and Episode #19, we talked about natural healing, specifically for gut health and ulcerative colitis. Then we spoke about her first pregnancy and approaching pregnancy with a holistic mindset, while also navigating an autoimmune disease. 

Now, I happily invited Heather Ford of The Modern Life Mrs & Better Together Photography back for a conversation about what I call, mama (or papa) bear home care. We talk about what sorts of natural therapies we as parents can use at home. Heather has become a mother who is well-versed in taking care of her child, soon to be “children” at home, and today is simply conversation between two natural mamas who love to catch up over microphones. 

So, stick around while we chat with one of our all-time favorite guests, Heather Ford about home-remedies and natural medicine cabinets. 

Heather Ford of The Modern Life Mrs

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • A short catch-up with Heather and what is going on in her life. (Expecting her 2nd baby!!)
  • Always be willing to learn new things (like adding raw milk! What?! :))
  • The journey of becoming interested in natural healing and remedies after allergy issues with her son.
  • The things Heather keeps in her tool kit (medicine cabinet) at home (see below)
  • Always be willing to be wrong and to learn new things. (Both Heather and I have been on humbling diet changes…like adding raw milk!) Keep a learning spirit, and always be willing to change course, if necessary.
  • Castor Oil Packs. This is a great website explaining this protocol.
  • Having an open mind and a learning spirit.
Heather & Mike Ford of Better Together Photography

Resources We Mention/Tools for a Home Medicine Cabinet:

  • Thermometer (ear thermometer, rectal for baby, mouth for older, or a forehead gun) Try to recall, we don’t really want to reduce fevers, they are meant to help the body fight foreign invaders. We use this thermometer. Rectal Thermometer.
  • Otoscope. We have this one.
  • Stethescope
  • Humidifier
  • Oil Diffusers
  • General First Aid (Bandaids, gauze, etc)
  • Nebulizers (This is the one we get and give to family/friends) You need to also get food grade hydrogen peroxide and use a saline solution to dilute the hydrogen peroxide. Here is an explanation of the protocol and how to prepare solution.
  • Epsom salt baths and baking soda for baths
  • Coconut water is great to have for hydration. I also love LMNT for a natural electrolyte drink. I have also used Kinder-lyte from Walmart!
  • Castor Oil Packs (Keep Castor oil and flannels on hand. SUPER easy!) Use this website to make it.
  • Nasal Spray: xlear spray
  • Neti pot
  • Herbal and Apothecary (look for local….we love Tippecanoe Herbs!!)
  • Wish Garden (Children’s line and pregnancy line)
  • Organically Olivia
  • Earthley
  • Essential Oils. Always be cognizant of the oils you are using and their quality. I use doterra essential oils, and I would be happy to help anyone get started with this amazing company. Heather uses Young Living, which is another reputable company. Some oils that are mentioned:
    • Protective Blend (Theives, OnGuard)
    • Lavender
    • Frankincense
    • Digestive Blend (Digest-zen)
    • Respiratory Blend (Breathe in Doterra’s line)
  • Vitamin C (Powder acerola Cherry powder)
  • Gelatin & Collagen (Perfect Formulas)
  • Homeopathy
    • “Like cures like”
    • Choose remedy based on symptoms
    • Try not to touch the homeopathic pellets, twist and put it straight into your mouth, or dilute it in some water and take it, or crush it between two spoons and then take.
    • Arnica Montana (pain relief)
    • Brionia (Fever/pain)
    • Acotium
    • Chamomilla
  • Cell Salts
Heather Ford of Better Together Photography

For More on this Topic See:


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Intro/Outro Music by Scott Holmes, “A Wee Tipple”

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