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PPP 24: Vaccines, Autism, Medical Freedom & One Mother’s Experience w/ Julie Obradovic


This is Episode #24

Today, I am introducing you to someone who has been on my podcast wishlist since the day I published my first podcast, almost 3 years ago. Julie Obradovic is teacher, a writer, and an advocate. She has spent almost twenty years in education and more than ten years advocating for families and children affected by autism. Her work has been featured in the Autism File magazine, GRAND magazine, the Age of Autism blog, and a number of other publications. I first encountered Julie when I started to do my research on vaccines. I was a new mother and I was navigating the intense vaccine schedule as suggested by my doctors. A chiropractor we were seeing at the time, who I respect highly, gave me her book, “An Unfortunate Coincidence”. And her memoir had a great impact on my research journey. 

Now, I am a pretty transparent person, and I fully recognize this podcast to be one of the more controversial podcasts I have ever released. However, even if only for the opportunity to hear another person’s story, I implore you to listen with open ears. My goal in sharing this interview is purely to share a well-researched and difficult perspective, while also honoring the lives of Julie and her family. While vaccines can be a sobering topic, I believe it is appropriate for the times we are living in, and should be openly and freely discussed. 

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Julie’s background as a mother of 3 children and one daughter who has been diagnosed with autism.
  • The background of the book “An Unfortunate Coincidence” and Julie’s journey of attempting to understand all the factors that led to her daughter’s brain injury.
  • Why should we be questioning vaccines. Why we should be questioning the overall vaccine narrative.
  • For the vast majority there isn’t a linear, acute moment that leads to vaccine injury. There are a number of things that line up over time…such as heavy metals, genetic susceptibility, vaccines, environmental toxins, etc.
  • Parents need to listen to their guts. Parents need to research.
  • She delves into some of the beginning theories of where autism came from and how detrimental these theories have been to the overall journey.
  • How mothers used to be “blamed” for autism symptoms, and eventually mothers started to turn around and say, “no, there is something else happening”.
  • The Autism and autoimmune epidemic began in the 1990s and parents began to question the medical environment and the vaccine schedule.
  • The vaccine injury court is explained in detail. Vaccine companies are not held liable for the ingredients they use or the potential risks they offer.
  • Do we have a system that we can trust?
  • Our need during this time to communicate and to keep the vaccine conversation alive.
  • Advice to parents of children with special needs, autism or vaccine injuries. She recommends that we remember to be present with our children.
  • She discusses how other countries do not mandate vaccines, and yet how they have a very high compliance.


Resources We Mention:

Julie’s Book “An Unfortunate Coincidence”

“The Vaccine Friendly Plan” by Jennifer Margulis and Dr. Paul Thomas (both of whom endorsed Julie’s book). This is a very thoughtful, middle of the road, science based book designed for parents who would like to/have to vaccinate but do so in the safest way possible.

“The Unvaccinated Child: A Treatment Guide for Parents and Caregivers” by Eli Camp Nd Dhanp , Judith Thompson Nd , Lac Fabno Judith Boice 

“The Age of Autism: Man, Mercury, and Man-made Epidemic” by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill.

For More on this Topic See:

 JB Handley’s “How to End the Autism Epidemic”. This is a very thorough examination of the political history of the controversy.
The documentary“Trace Amounts” is still available at times on You Tube, but can always be purchased to view from thewebsite.
The Documentary Vaxxed & Vaxxed 2


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Intro/Outro Music by Scott Holmes, “A Wee Tipple”

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