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PPP 20: Sustainable Cooking & Lifestyle with Jessica Marcy of Sweet Love and Ginger

Smoky Fall Quesadillas


This is episode #20! I am excited to introduce you to a fellow seeker of holistic and vibrant living Jessica Marcy! Jessica is a wife, mom, and environmental engineer from Upstate, NY. She is a champion for sustainability and the local food movement as well as an avid cook. At home, she enjoys gardening, hunting, fishing, foraging, crafting and adventuring with her family. Clearly there is a lot I could ask Jessica, but today I want to focus on the practicality of cooking with garden & foraging harvests. I also want to talk about her wellness journey and share some insights to seeking sustainability with a family! So stick around to get to know my friend, Jessica Marcy of Sweet Love and Ginger!


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • About Jessica, her family and their life in upstate New York (Zone 5)
  • Her go-to meals for providing for her family. (Curries, pan sauces, salads…)
  • How they purchase and use the meat they eat. (Butchering practices)
  • What sorts of foods they grow/harvest, and what sorts of foods they out source.
  • Dreams for the future…how they use the land at an “in between” or “short term” home.
  • Gardening/Growing food in zone 5 and with the “help” of small children
  •  Foraging foods and how to cook with them. (Tiger Lillies, Cattails, Fiddleheads, & Ramps)
  • Recommendations for people who are interested in starting to cook more sustainable meals. (“Cut the damn onion”)
  • You will be inspired by Jessica’s positive outlook and excitement about cooking sustainable meals!

Spring Vegetable Risotto

Resources Mentioned/Used:

Jessica’s Instagram!

U-pick farms and farmer’s markets…look for some in your area!!

Spring Chicken and Veggies

For More on this Topic See:

Check out Jessica’s blog for all of her amazing blogs and meals…she is such an inspiration!


This show is brought to you by ME and my super supportive family! If you would like to support this process, please consider sharing financially with the Permaculture Princess Support Squad.

Intro/Outro Music by Scott Holmes, “A Wee Tipple”

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