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PPP 30: Off-Grid Living, Natural Building, Land Ethics & Pivoting toward Simplicity, Adventure & Spiritual Growth w/ Amy Dailey of Wild Earth Flower Farm

This is Episode #30. Today, I am introducing you to a soul sister of mine. Amy Dailey is just a twenty-something, living in the Pacific Northwest, growing flowers, medical marijuana, living sustainably and doing all the things off-grid!

Amy & Shane in front of their home built with natural building methodologies in Oregon.

In full transparency, I know Amy because we share a half brother! And because of the grace of God, two families that might have found it awkward to be “friends” after divorce and remarriage, have become very close. Our brother, Shane Dailey was on episode number 10 talking about homesteading with a large family and some of his recycling ideas. Amy is a little big younger than myself, but she and her partner are doing spectacular things in the name of  sustainability and regenerative agriculture. So, I have two main goals in this interview as with any interview, one is just to share Amy’s story and all the awesome things her and her boyfriend have been up to, since human stories are fascinating to me, but also, I want us to have some super practical takeaways that we can apply to our own lives. Today, we will be diving into off-grid living, growing flowers, and all things nature & spiritual living with Amy 

Amy had this super cool throwback picture of us! I am the blonde with a sucker on the left and she is the adorable baby being held by our half brother! And yes, that is an old outdoor movie theater screen in the background! #Retro

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • A bit about Amy’s story. Growing up in Florida, very focused student, background in construction, and the journey of searching for purpose and meaning.
  • Moving across the country in a camper with her partner Shane.
  • Buying land in Sunny Valley, Oregon, which has a non-GMO policy, and legislation allows for growing medical marijuana.
  • Difference in zones and growing climates between Florida & Oregon.
  • Creating better soil and creating a greenhouse effect in a new region.
  • The journey from totally off-grid to becoming connected to the grid with great intentionality.
  • Building biology and designing homes without conventional building materials. We spend a bit of time talking about the harms of conventional building materials, and the carcinogens and other toxins that are found there.
  • Traditional Japanese Timber framing methods & natural building techniques. (Econest)
  • Natural Building techniques, and the specific technique used with Amy & Shane’s home in Oregon.
  • Moving toward a more minimalist lifestyle. Being very intentional about what resources we use and how we spend our time.
  • Advice for pursuing an off-grid/minimalist way of life. “Just do it!” 😉 (Minimize, pare down, make lists, do research, meditate, visualize, ask for help…etc)
  • Short term and long term goals for their land and their business.
  • Dreams to use their land for outdoor education, workshops and healing.

Resources We Mention:

For More on this Topic See:


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Intro/Outro Music by Scott Holmes, “A Wee Tipple”

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