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PPP 10: Interview with Shane Dailey; Father, Homesteader & Kin


Today, I am introducing you to one of the most amazing people, you’ve probably never heard of! This man married his high school sweetheart at 18 years old, is the father of 6 beautiful children, and one of the most intelligent homesteading human beings I know. Today, I am interviewing my only, half-brother by blood, full-brother by Spirit, Shane Dailey! Shane has SO MUCH wisdom he could share with us, but today I am focusing on his ability to recycle and repurpose normal everyday items around his property and garden. And how he goes about homesteading with a large family. Some might call him a hoarder, including me, but nonetheless his ingenuity for finding purpose in what many would consider garbage, is amazing! So, listen in as my very own brother shares some of his tricks and tips for living an intentional permaculture inspired life!


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • About my brother Shane Dailey and get a glimpse of practical homesteading with a large family.
  • Some everyday household items that can be recycled. (Juice containers & Laundry containers, jars, tic-tac containers, varied containers.)
  • What to look for at thrift stores. (Glass Jugs for kombucha & old crock pots for seed germination.)
  • Responsibility of raising your own meat and growing your own food. How animals are a part of self-suffieciency.
  • How a big family is beneficial to a homestead.
  • Where to begin, if self-sufficiency and homesteading is a goal of yours.


Resources Mentioned/Used:

  • Juice containers ( See above)
  • Pinterest (for homesteading and permaculture ideas)


For More on this Topic See:

  • You can contact me via the contact page and I will get you in touch with my brother if you have any questions!



This show is brought to you by ME, my brother and my super supportive family! If you would like to support this process, please consider sharing financially @ my Patreon page!

Intro/Outro Music by Scott Holmes, “A Wee Tipple”

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