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PPP 34: 2021 Review, Books Read, A Day in the Life, Podcast Preview

A super quick podcast update before we jump into a new season! This was literally me with 30 free minutes, a microphone, a journal and bullet points to cover! 2021 was so busy and yet delightful. We tuned into our family time, trained a pony, gardened, enjoyed the outdoors, traveled and cultivated Christ-centered community! I share some of the books and podcasts that were notable, and I even go through a little “day in the life” for me! However, to be honest, it feels like I left SO MUCH OUT…like my husband taking a 6-month herbalist course, and my modeling work picking up! So, you’ll just have to tune into all the episodes this season, to fully catch up!

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Tippecanoe Herbs

Joe Hang Photography

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