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PPP 33: Possibilities of Permaculture for Relief Efforts, Soil Building & Whole Systems Design w/ Koreen Brennan of Grow Permaculture

This is episode #33. Today, I am introducing you to Koreen Brennan. Koreen has extensive experience in both permaculture design and in education. She has taught permaculture design at Pine Ridge Lakota reservation, various locations throughout the US, a number of universities, and countries in the Americas and Europe.

Koreen has grown hundreds of species of edibles in a variety of conditions and climates, run edible nurseries, engaged in master planning, business incubation and holistic economics using whole systems strategy and design, facilitated community development and facilitation, organized events, and has been a passionate educator, life coach, and mentor, so finds herself taking on diverse projects at times. Koreen is far too experienced to fit everything she has done into one interview, but I will try my best to facilitate a space for sharing some of her most important messages.

Koreen manages a permaculture medicinal herb and orchard demonstration farm in West Central Florida where she gets to dance with the natural world. She strives to live a balanced life, to walk her talk, and to make decisions in the interest of the next seven generations.

So, stick around, as we dive into edible landscaping, permaculture design & living sustainably with permaculture educator, Koreen Brennan. 

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • A little background on Koreen. She started learning about permaculture in Los Angeles, but currently lives and teaches in Florida.  
  • To Koreen, the most important part of permaculture is the design element. Koreen talks about the tools that permaculture offers us and how they help us to grow and heal the environment.
  • The part that permaculture can play in relief efforts and her personal experience in Haiti. Some examples of whole-systems planning included composting technologies, growing trees on their hillsides to help retain water, recycling various materials, etc.
  • Edible landscaping and permaculture design. Landscaping can look pretty and be well kept, while still offering dynamic food options. We just need to be designing for an abundant food supply, even within HOAs….it is possible! ;).
  • How someone can move into a more permaculture inspired landscape in their own home/region.
  • Soil building is the most important place to start. Building strong soil will allow plants to grow much faster, need less care, and reduce the weeds. Building robust microbes in the soil is the first step to building.
  • Every site is different. How we should approach designing or “fixing” our landscapes. The importance of listening to and watching the land to figure out what plants are best in certain climates.
  • When approaching soil health, try lots of different techniques. (“Throw the kitchen sink at it!” ;))
  • Practical ways we can live a more regenerative life outside of planting trees and bushes…like reducing our transport needs, carpooling, riding a bike, buy local foods, support local farmers, buy in bulk…etc.
  • Some of Koreen’s favorite plants and growing experiences. Some of her favorite plants… Honeylocust (South Dakota) & Spanish Needle (Florida).
  • Learn more about Koreen’s online and in-person permaculture courses. There is even a free introduction course offered!

Resources We Mention:

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