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PPP 28: Virome, Exosomes, Germ Theory, Terrain Theory, Covid, Cancer & Making Sense of it all w/ Brandon LaGreca of East Troy Acupuncture.


This is Episode #28. We have our 2nd official returning guest, because we just didn’t tap into enough knowledge the first time around!! Brandon LaGreca was on episode #22 where we discussed Acupuncture, Eastern Medicine and his book about EMFs and Cancer. If you haven’t listened to that episode, I HIGHLY recommend you pause and go back, because it will give a great foundation about who Brandon is, and why we are so grateful to hear from him again! 

Today we continue the conversation about cancer, but with some specificity to the things we have learned about Covid19, and our immune system over the past year. Brandon, as an Acupuncturist in East Troy, Wisconsin has committed his work to creating “empowered patients”, or people who are educated, encouraged and challenged to take their health into their own hands and navigate the myriad options before them with intelligence and peace. Brandon is so brilliant and I am excited to introduce him, for round 2!

Brandon LaGreca LAc, MAcOM

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Brandon was affected as a healthcare practitioner during 2020.
  • The timely topic of Brandon’s new book, “Cancer, Stress & Mindset”.
  • The virome and exosomes and how human bodies survive, thrive, and harmonize with viruses and germs all throughout nature.
  • We communicate through viruses, we have a substantial amount of viruses that are in our body at any given time. Particles of genetic material are everywhere (the virome).
  • Germ theory vs. terrain theory, disease focus vs health focus, and why we need to become more educated on how to create health.
  • Why Covid19 has affected the United States so harshly. (Pre-inflammed population, and serious co-morbidities.)
  • What causes cancer, and how a toxic environment affects our genes.
  • Advice for avoiding carcinogens and therefore reducing chances of getting a cancer diagnosis.
  • Advice to someone who has just received a cancer diagnosis about how to move forward with peace and an empowered attitude.
  • Importance of breath work and nasal breathing.
  • Importance of community, “we all do better, when we all do better.”

Resources We Mention:

Brandon’s website and his first book Book: “Cancer and EMF Radition”

Brandon’s second book: “Cancer, Stress & Mindset”

Breath by James Nestor

Brandon’s Blog : The Empowered Patient Blog

For More on this Topic See:

Another great podcast on this topic by Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show. TMHS 405: Global Pandemic, The Human Virome, & Thriving During Chaos



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Intro/Outro Music by Scott Holmes, “A Wee Tipple”

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