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PPP 07: Danny Thompson Talks about Living with His In-laws

In this episode I interview my husband, Danny Thompson about our intentional community with my parents. My husband doesn't necessarily love being on the podcast, but I was really grateful for his perspective! He shares some of the fears that one has in moving in with their in-laws, and some of the benefits he has found in the process. Listen in to a candid conversation (our first of more to come!) about our generational living set up. 

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Starting an Intentional Community…with my Parents :)

I am known for speaking my mind, and I tend to attract and build friendships with others who have undaunted opinions. So, I can't say it surprised me when the friends and family in our lives responded to the news of my husband and I moving in with my parents, with phrases like, "I thought you had… Continue reading Starting an Intentional Community…with my Parents 🙂