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3 Ways to Reduce Toxicity in Your Life! (Ladies Only)

This is for ladies only (unless you are a guy who wants to share health information with the ladies in your life!)


In general, I feel women end up dealing with a lot more toxins in their life, because we are constantly trying to figure out how to control our menstrual cycles, take pain away, and smell/look beautiful! Not that guys don’t deal with some of the same concerns, but I argue that women are much more prone to apply creams, take pills, and or seek beauty treatments.

Because of our tendency to put on a variety of chemicals, our bodies are constantly trying to eliminate toxins and cleanse themselves.

And you may be wondering, “OK, so our body eliminates toxins, so why are they so harmful??” Well, Toxins are poisonous to our bodies. Our bodies are AWESOME and can eliminate a lot of harmful things that get into our cells, but when we overwork our system, we open ourselves to a whole host of problems. Some of the problems include, cancer, sickness, lethargy, early aging, pain, stress, and an overall lack of vitality and wellness

Therefore, I made this YouTube series about 3 ways you can reduce toxicity in your life! Just 3 small ways you can start to take some of the burden off of your cells. 🙂


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