Permaculture Princess Podcast

PPP 02: Comfrey Plant Feature!


In this podcast we are featuring Comfrey!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • A short history of Comfrey
  • Comfrey’s usefulness within nature. (How it helps the land.)
    • Mulch
    • Deep Tap Root
    • Fertilizer
    • Food/Fodder
  • Comfrey’s usefulness medicinally.
    • Bone-knit
    • Healing (skin/bone/ligaments etc)
    • Nutritious for food/juicing

Resources Mentioned/Used:

Comfrey to purchase online (Dr. Christopher’s Ointment)



DIY Comfrey Salve:

I have yet to post my own version of this recipe, but this blog/recipe is a great start for those looking to make their own comfrey salve.

For More on this Topic See:

My blog on this!

Something I FORGOT to mention! (OOPS!)

There are different types of Comfrey. (Bocking 14, Bocking 4, Bocking 21…) We use Russian Bocking 14, which is known more for its medicinal properties. The original form of Comfrey (Symphytum Oficinale) is not the main one that is used in gardens these days.  Some comfrey can spread more easily than others (Bocking 4) and some are shared only through propagation (Bocking 14). You can learn more about the various types of comfrey here. 


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